IP Telephony

A superior alternative to the traditional PBX telephony equipment is an Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solution which supports voice over IP (VoIP), and open-standards-based IP that are in much demand in today’s world. IP telephony provides a means for your organization to extend highly secure, reliable, and consistent communications services to all employees whether they are located in the head or branch offices or are mobile/working remotely.

Features and Benefits of IP telephony:

 highly secure (due to voice encryption), reliable, scalable communications architecture that takes advantage of your LAN and WAN

 replaces legacy telephony systems with a unified all-in-one platform that supports open-standards-based IP and networked VoIP

 lowers operational and maintenance costs by centralizing system administration to a single interface that converges voice and data onto one network

Traditional Analog PBX Phone System

We also offer the more traditional Analog PBX phone systems. These connect to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) over copper wires. Communication between phones and fax machines is managed by the PBX that is physically connected to them using copper wiring.

Find out which Voice Communications System is the best solution for your needs by contacting us today. Our team will work closely with you to analyze your needs and develop a customized solution.


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