Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology enables the automatic and remote collection of consumption, diagnostic, and status data from metering devices for electricity, gas, water, oil, and other liquids. Such data is transferred to a centralized database where it can be efficiently used for analysis, troubleshooting, and billing purposes.

Features and Benefits:

 Removes the need for field trips to collect data from a meter.

 Eliminates any scope for manual errors in data collection.

 Improves data accuracy enabling billing based on real-time consumption rather than estimates.

 Consumers can be confident that they are billed for actual use of a utility service.

GE-Ctrls has partnered with reputed manufacturers to provide you with affordable yet customized automatic meter reading solutions using the latest technologies.

Find out which type of Automatic Meter Reading solution is the best one for your needs by contacting us today. Our team will work closely with you to analyze your needs and develop a customized solution.


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