Integrated Building Management System (IBMS)

Integrate Building Management System (IBMS), also called Building Automation System (BAS), is a computerized platform that integrates disparate mechanical and electrical systems of a building(s), such as HVAC, lighting, power, fire protection, security, etc., for centralized, real-time control and management. Its overarching goal is to help building managers attain efficiency in energy consumption and operational performance and hence reduction in costs.

IBMS comprise several components such as software, displays, servers, controllers, and a network of smart sensors installed in various building systems that link to a central database. Sensors gather and send data to the IBMS which monitors it and triggers appropriate responses when a problem is detected. IBMS achieve this integration using either proprietary Internet protocols or open standards.

GE-Ctrls has partnered with reputed international vendors such as Pelco (a subsidiary of Schneider Electric), Bosch, Sony, Honeywell and others to variety of IBMS solutions.

Ideal for use in large projects with extensive mechanical and electrical systems such as:

 Airports, seaports, train stations


 Office and residential complexes

 Government and defense complexes


 Shopping malls



Features and Benefits:

 Centralized data consolidation improves real-time reporting and decision-making

 Data-driven insights help in the effective monitoring and optimization of energy consumption thereby preventing energy wastage and minimizing operational costs

 Improved reliability and life of building equipment and systems saves time and money during maintenance

 Remote monitoring, early detection of problems, automated maintenance scheduling due to computerized processes

 Possibility of localized control

 Dashboards and applications for energy management, scheduling, trending, logging, reporting, etc. with user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) for ease of navigation and customization

 Customized alarms and alerts

 Open standards protocols for interoperability

 Efficient and scalable architecture

 Flexibility to grow– Open standards protocols and a scalable infrastructure ensures that your IBMS can accommodate any future expansion in your systems

Find out if an Integrate Building Management System is the best solution for your needs by contacting us today. Our team will work closely with you to analyze your needs and develop a customized and integrated solution.


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